Namkang Hi-tech Co., Ltd. provides total solutions optimized in SMT Line, with 20 years experience and know-how in electronics design and component mounting technologies. And we constantly provide a powerful and specialized in SMT production software from ePM series which are supplied for over 90% of Equipment company in the world to the NK-MES which obtains GS(Good Software) Certification and has been operating on various SMT Line.


You can easily generate various Job data with ePM software used for whole SMT process(SP, SPI, Pick & Place, AOI, X-Ray, etc.) with PCB design relative files such as Gerber, ECAD Design, CAD XY data, etc. ePM has the special technology for processing various format data by the experience of user interface for a long time.


Namkang Hi-Tech has been supplying the optimal production management solution for SMT with our long-time experience and know-how in a various application of SMT.


We provides RSEPS, Reflow Control program, SMT Equipment Data Interface, and other various application related with SMT.