Namkang Hi-tech Co., Ltd. provides total solutions that cover for PCB Design Planning to Component Mounting Inspection, with 20 years experience and know-how in electronics design and component mounting technologies. We also provide a variety set of tools based on the solution and constantly try to provide our clients with better technology. We will always do our best to improve the productivity and quality of your product. Solutions based on technology of Namkang Hi-tech Co., Ltd. are as follows.

Component Mounting

We provide tools for generating accurate SMT programs in a short time by applying solutions for PCB design planning to component mounting technology. Also, we have technologies of generating and inspecting required data automatically by importing data in many different file formats such as Gerber and CAD data.
Besides, we provide solutions which enable SPI, SMT, and AOI programming in component mounting to be processed by a single touch.

Management System of SMT Production

By providing the manufacturing execution system specialized in SMT field, we can supply the function to manage the SMT Lin Production Status and Trace the error, we provide various solution for improving SMT Line Productivity.