The exclusive job generating program for AOI(Auto Optical Inspection) built in AOI is rather difficult to use and takes much time in programming, and also it often restricts the job because of its limited data. ePM-AOI is a strong AOI job generating program to solve these problems.
Now, reduce time in generating job programs with fast and easy accessible tools and their powerful functions ePM-AOI provides. And also, being able to run SMT and SPI job programs at the same time by just one time job generation maximizes its job efficiency as it saves time and enables effective data management.

AOI Job Programming with Package Name Information

ePM-AOI provides the function of Generating Package Name with Part Name. It can be used effectively for data capabilities if package name data is interfaced with the package library of Equip.

Main Function of ePM-AOI

[ CPL Wizard ]
Imports CAD X-Y files after converting them into your desired file format, exported from any PCB CAD Tool or SMT equipment.

[ Gerber Import ]
Automatically imports files in a variety of Gerber formats such as 274D, 274D No Aperture, 274X, and Fire9XXO, without any parameter setting made by the user. Imports Gerber files in a several layers as well as Mask Gerber files all at once, producing different results.

[ Various ECAD Design interface ]
By Interfacing with various ECAD Design(ODB++, FABMASTER, etc.. ), it can be easy to make Job data.

[ Add Footprint ]
Footprint can be generated in Manually and automatically in easy and effective way.

[ Various Edit Function ]
Provide a set of editing tools which enable the user to move, delete, mirror, or modify properties of Gerber, Component, Part, and others.

[ Auto Board Array Function ]
Generate information on the arrayed board using such different methods as Manual, Semi-auto, and Auto.

[ Verification function of Components Overlapping ]
It enhances the accuracy of the Job data by checking if the components are overlapped or not.