ePM-Xay is a Job data generating program for X-Ray equipment. It generates Job data with using Design data for making an accurate inspection result.

Generating job data with the image file from X-Ray equipment of SMT.

If there is not the data which can be the standard, ePM-Xray can make the Job file with the image file for Equipment only.

Supported Image file format: JPG, BMP.

Main Functions of ePM-Xray

[ CPL Wizard ]
Imports CAD X-Y files after converting them into your desired file format, exported from any PCB CAD Tool or SMT equipment.

[ Gerber Import ]
Automatically imports files in a variety of Gerber formats such as 274D, 274D No Aperture, 274X, and Fire9XXO, without any parameter setting made by the user. Imports Gerber files in a several layers as well as Mask Gerber files all at once, producing different results.

[ Various ECAD Design interface ]
By Interfacing with various ECAD Design(ODB++, FABMASTER, etc.. ), it can be easy to make Job data.

[ Add Footprint ]
Footprint can be generated in Manually and automatically as easy and effectively.

[ Various Edit Function ]
Provide a set of editing tools which enable the user to move, delete, mirror, or modify properties of Gerber, Component, Part, and others.

[ Auto Board Array Function ]
Generate information on the arrayed board using such different methods as Manual, Semi-auto, and Auto.

[ Verification function of Components Overlapping ]
It enhances the accuracy of the Job data by checking the componentsí» overlapping.