ePM-Ex is the program to generate Job data as to the SMT integrated.
Ex is composed with Mounter, LCR and G Module. It can be applied as a module system depends on the usage purpose.

ePM-G Module

ePM-G is a tool that can be used for teaching the location of each component only with Gerber data, which is necessarily required when SMT job programming. Using ePM-G, it is possible to reduce the time to make Job file dramatically. ePM-Ex Gerber Teaching implements the basic structure of ePM-Ex tools but can utilize Gerber teaching-related functions only. Over 70% of domestic Metal Mask producing company has been using ePM-G.

ePM-LCR Module

ePM-LCR as an automatic LCR component measurement tool of ePM-Ex, measures value components such as Resistor and Capacitor using the LCR Meter after board assembly process, and reports the results. The most powerful feature of ePM-LCR is that it informs the user of the location of components, automatically interpretates the results of the measurement, determines to pass or fail them, and reports the outcome. ePM-LCR follows the basic structure of ePM-Ex tools but can utilize LCR measurement-related main functions only.

[Major Function]
1. Measurement Setting.
2. Measurement Sequence and Priority Setting.
3. Skip Part Setting.
4. Auto measurement time and retry count Setting.
5. Range of Measurement Setting.
6. Excel Report of the Measurement Result.

ePM-Ex(Mounter) Module

ePM-Ex(Mounter) is the program to generate Job data for SMT Mounter, it supplies BOM Wizard fuction possible to do BOM mapping easily and fast. ePM-Ex(Mounter) is the module of ePM-Ex which can use generating Job data for Mounter.

[Major Function]
1. BOM Wizard
2. Manual Equpment Contribution
3. Support the various export format